FGR Design Studio is an international company providing a vast array of graphic design services and quality website development. Since 2002, we've built our company around a process of creating visually appealing and distinctive corporate identity. Our goal is to enable you to make a lasting impression on your customers. During the 15 years we took part in more than 140 projects with various international partners (AUDI, Novikov group, Bosendorfer, Shimmel, Spark and etc.) all over the world. We created more than 1600 new concepts (InterContental, DAFIN, Bouquet & Bouquet, Belorosa, Panorama Building Group, Taximedia, Asenso, Domani) and made rebranding for more than 165 trademarks (MING Restaurant, Forte & Piano, ARBA, Matrixkey, Turakovskiye producty, Platan KZ, Skara). Our offices are located in Spain, Russia and Kazakhstan.  

We balance beauty and functionality, harmony and usability to achieve what we call “Intelligent Design”. The long way from an inspiration to a perfect result we do our best, using professional, emotional and creative components of work. All our designers, photographies, copywriters are formally educated and trained in graphic design and fine arts. Our team of expert website developers and programmers is thoroughly equipped with the latest software and technologies to create the most advanced interactive websites. We deliver scalable solutions that meet customer's needs and expectations with regards to cost, quality and timeframes. You can see our works in Gallery.


Igor Voss. FGR Design Studio Chief Designer, CEO & Founder
When I work, I always  turn on the music. It is a powerful backup for my inspiration
I created this company in 2002, the original name was Fashion Graphics. Since I had different business at this time the design was just a hobby, but it fascinated me a lot and I decided to do it professionally. I was lucky that many of my colleagues and partners from the places I worked before, treated me seriously and began to turn for my help. At first, the studio was small. Me, my brother Oleg and one customer manager. In short time everything began to turn and I collect the great team. People I have been working together for more than 13 years. I explored new business directions and decided to get an education, which I admit is not enough. I carefully approached to the choice and did not regret.
In 2009 I moved the central office to Valencia, Spain. We made rebranding, change the old name to new one. From this moment, our brand sounds as FGR Design Studio. This step has been associated with several important for me professional tasks, new markets and new opportunities.
Nowadays, I am the experienced professional designer specialized in brand development, graphic, AD, packaging and industrial design. In recent years I have become very keen on architecture. I am a big fan of Santiago Calatrava, and of course the great Russian scientist and architect Vladimir Shukhov. Although say you can not create idols, the work of these great architectors do not leave anyone indifferent, who has ever seen their creations.

Eva Cordoba. Chief Art Director and Head of Department of the Studio in Russia

Tempora mutantur et nos mutantur in illis - times changes and we changing with them
I joined the company in 2005. During this time we developed all major projects under my lead. The result of this intensive work was a great experience in brand consulting, corporate and consumer branding, which included design development of simple leaflets and sophisticated technological solutions. As head of design services I responsible for many different special moments in branding, naming, brandbooks, guidelines and toolkits, infographics, design showcases, small architectural solutions and much, much more. My favorite design task is an industrial design. I believe that the most outstanding project of all our works Is the RED PEARL Project - Red Caviar Packaging. I am fond of painting in the impressionist style, writing paintings using oil and intend to make my personal painting exhibition, which I will be pleased to invite our customers, partners and friends.

Nina Petrova. Chief Art Director and Head of Department of the Studio in Spain

Everyone has the right to change, even artists. Pablo Picasso

 I really fond of Spain. I was only twenty when I came to this wonderful country and immediately decided to stay here for a long time. There were a lot of funny moments with studying Spanish, and my friends still retelling these stories. Here I like almost everything - climate, people, pace and quality of life. I was particularly inspired by Spanish architecture and painting, the Iberian land is very fertile. But of course, I miss Russia, my native St. Petersburg, and no less beloveded Moscow. FGR Design Studio helps me to connect these two different and totally dissimilar worlds. My life is full filled with creative instants and interesting projects. I really hope and let it not seems too ambitious, that someday I would write a novel about my adventures.

 Alex Lykov. The Head of the International Printing Service Department

Only time determines our ability, but there is always an opportunity to get ahead of time with quality and just in time

The printed products day by bay becomes more the art of high-tech than just work. To create such work you need to be the real professional. How often did you hear: "It is technically impossible" or "First prepare the layout properly, and then we'll talk?". In our studio we have the different approach. We try to do everything not to involve our clients to internal process. Professional experience in printing industry for me - it is a family tradition, together with a good education and creative thinking I can realize simply impossible solutions. I know every step of production and try to implement the most difficult design decisions. I also apply knowledge of manufacturing processes of printed products in every work. Me and my Chief Designer formed successful tandem that lasts for many years allows to produce an exclusive typographic works. Of course, history has been a lot of funny moments and sometimes complex production difficulties that had to be solved very quickly, so as not to bring the client and to give high-quality material on time. There is always a solution, if you have the knowledge and well-coordinated team.

 Aygul Malik. Head of Branch office in Astana, Kazakhstan

The mai power for everything in the universe is love! It is sung by poets, artists embodied, incarnated composers and musicians performed

 Under my leadership in the modern Capital of Kazakhstan there is a large advertising department of journalists, proofreaders, copywriters and photographers. In my personal opinion my strong point is the management of working process. The ideological team inspiration is also very important for me. It helps our team to cope with all tasks. My primary business also is the ARBA KAZAKHSTAN magazine publishing. The main topics we cover - it's an interviews with interesting people, travels, cars, healthy lifestyle, music and the worlds news, and more. I enjoy photography and take singing lessons.

Radhakrishnan Pillai.  Chief of International Relation & Marketing. Head of branch in Dubai.

Ad augusta per angusta - through the high to the hard

My primary skill is visual communication. I'm learning a lot from day to day, and it inspires me. I realize that our life is only a moment, but it can be bright and memorable. Working at FGR Design Studio is my new creative frontier. Only this way I will extend my professional skills. It will definitely help me to feel all design features. The global mission of any creative person is to carry the beauty and creativity to this wonderful world. Any of us get the real opportunity to work with " The Powers that Be", at the same time launching projects for people, who needs the support. Join us and let's change it with us!