17 years old! We can’t even believe in that. And also we are so thankful to all our clients, partners and friends. We love you so much and remember all the moments of our teamwork.
As for now, all six months, we’ve been preparing of the MOSTRICS project launching. We'll come back with this news very soon!

For a long time we did not write news, but not because they were not, during this period our team worked harder than ever. For this summer we managed to realize a huge number of visual concepts for 20 of our new, as well as regular customers in different countries, but this is not our main news. Now we are working hard on the children's application of "Mostrics", materials for which we have created for 18 months and now, when the launch is close, we must say, it's exhilarating moment. In the meantime we are preparing for the start, more details about the project can be found on the website https://mostrics.com/ 

For the German factory Einfachstoff, we created a new brand concept.

The work on the restyling of the Neurotalent Unlocked logo is over.

The FGRDS team led by Igor Voss finished work on the promotional materials of the new Turkish brand "LOREMS".

For the American company Futuring U Eva Cordoba has designed a new concept of the brand and a lot of advertising materials.

16 years in the game! So much has been created, and how much remains to be done! We are grateful to all who passed all difficult and easy, merry and sad moments together with us! Thanks and hurray !!! Cheers!

Eva Cordoba Design has created a great concept of new brand Studio Espagñol. 

Eva Cordoba Design has completed work on a new image of the brand Be A PJ.

Merry Christmast & Happy New Year 2018! We wish new hopes, new opportunities and new beginnings.  

We are glad to present you the concept of a new hockey club Bearded Gentlemen. All promotional materials were created under the supervision of our chief designer Igor Voss.

The FGR team is working hard to promote the Holders Family brand. At the moment, prepared a large number of materials for social networks and outdoor advertising.

We designed very stylish sun and vision glasses named "Serenity". You can see how they look by following the link.

We have completed a new project by the chief designer Igor Voss Octopus mouse. A unique, ergonomic shape that looks like an octopus. Very beautiful, tactile, pleasant and comfortable created specifically for people who love positive emotions. You can see the work here.

Our FGR studio participates in a new project of hip-hop branding. The artist Well from well-known in Naples. We liked the lightness and shades of the lounge in his music. The first track to the single "With You" can be heard right now, and Well's new video would be released very soon.

A new project by Igor Voss - "D`ARIA". Dasha Zhukova is one of the best young confectioners in Russia. You can see the concept by following link D`ARIA.

A smaller version of our "Black Pearl" called "The Celebrity". Perfect for using at presentations and parties. The package capacity have two types for 28 and 50 grams.

We finalized the design of packaging for the premium black caviar. We called the project "The Black Pearl" which we started even in 2010. 

We are tiurning 15 today! Its really great term!

Eva Cordoba Studio finished new brand development for Makka Colleges & Hospital (Saudi Arabia).

Igor Voss Design Studio just made a concept of Royal Hockey Club named Snowlions. 

Igor Voss Design Studio is taking part in the competition of Kazakhstan national brand development.

Eva Cordoba Studio has designed а new creative logo for Docutegrity Award West Hollywood (USA).

Eva Cordoba Studio finished new brand development for Shadow Private Protection (London, UK).

Eva Cordoba Studio has designed а new creative logo for Horizon Automated Glucose Control System (USA).

Eva Cordoba Studio just finished working on a new project - Pascal Madevon Signature Ltd. It was great to design a logo and brand identity for such well known and honored person as Pascal Madevon

Eva Cordoba Studio has designed a logo for a Hyde Park Hotel (London).

Eva Cordoba has designed a creative and smart logo a new brand - CryoProBody (Hong Kong).

Eva Cordoba has designed a logo for a new brand Alhazen Business Intelligence.

There are some new changes in the FGR Design Studio’s structure this year. Studio management decided to create an additional two independent sub-brand, which will be developed each in its own particular direction. Now, our team will be able to focus on specific goals and adjust the correct pricing of each of the design projects. The basic concept is maintained, and the company will continue to improve at the same time in all directions. More precisely we can say that all three studios will develop worldwide, FGR remain a unifying brand name, and all works created in the studios of Eva Cordoba and Igor Voss will be marked by their personal logo.

Another is to add:

Eva Cordoba will be engaged in the branding and corporate identity for young companies and start-ups;

Igor Voss Studio is going to implement projects and to engage in new creative developments;

FGR program will continue the design outsourcing program, and will also deal with complex tasks and client support for large corporate projects.

By the way, under the brand Eva Cordoba has already implemented several projects. They going to be published here in the nearest future.

FGR Design Studio has developed new logo and corporate identity for the TsentrNefteSbyt company.

With the support of 7 Days Service company we just finished visual communication design and web development of Grimlime corporate website – The World’s Complaint Service. 

At the end of December 2015 our partners has launched very important project for the whole Russia named Farmers of Russia. The primary objectives and resource challenges - build an unique agricultural e-commerce trade system, which will create favorable democratic conditions to Russian farmers to sell their products and raise the level of development of farming in Russia.

Our studio developed the naming, slogan, logo and basic brand elements for the new gourmet restaurant "Baguette". The main feature of the restaurant will be small snacks in tapas style, based on tasty and crispy baguette. The selected direction is oriented mainly on business-family lunches and breakfasts. Thats why we came up with the slogan "Baguette - for breakfast, lunch and dinner!". We would also like like to slightly lift the veil and say that this place  planned a huge number of interesting and healthy dishes for the youngest visitors. Light and airy logo emphasizes the task owners - tasty, simple and wholesome food for everyone.

Today our studio celebrates 14 years! Despite the difficulties, it was such wonderful year! In 2015, a collection of our work is full of new successful and interesting projects, we have opened a representative office in Israel, our program outsourcing connect multiple brands and two design groups of which involved our specialists received a well-known and very prestigious award in the field of design (Our favorite Red Dot Design Award, and the iF Design Award). Oh, and we almost have already prepared all the documents for the application for a design patent, but shh ... keep fingers crossed. For us it will be the best birthday gift!

Our team has designed a new cover for a national scientific and political magazine "Vlast’" published since 1993. It was a great honor to make an easy re-branding for such reputable publication. The magazine is always reflected a wide range of opinions on the problems of domestic and foreign policy of modern Russia and its history. Currently we are working under other branding materials.

FGR created new advertising materials for our customer Blackdragon since 2014. The new set includes cards, indoor and magazine posters. Blackdragon is a first-of-its kind management consultancy focused exclusively on helping select small and mid-sized federal contractor firms. We proudly consider ourselves as "A Modern Day Free Company." The mission of Blackdragon is to completely revolutionize the way new contracts with the US Federal Government are identified, pursued and ultimately won.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! May the New Year begin on a prosperous note!

In September 2015, FGR Design Studio has launched the new visual communication design program especially for hotels named Design Suites Program from FGR. All customers of this program can order an unlimited number of design marketing, advertising or presentation materials, so as many other design things for a fixed monthly payment. The offer is limited. The program expiration period starts from 1 year.

It’s very honorable for FGR Design Studio Spain to present a book by Leonid Zorin "Russia, Which I Love" in the anniversary of the honored artist, architect, teacher, professor of the Department of Design of the architectural environment of the Moscow Architectural Institute. His works was exhibited in the artist history museums Kamchatka and Soligalich, Solovki and Altai, in the galleries of New York, Tokyo, Orleans, Geneva, New Delhi, Riga and in many other museums and exhibition halls in Moscow. We were directly and deeply involved to the publication of this masterpiece and very happy with all the heart to congratulate the birthday anniversary. 

IceNice is a premium glacial water of the highest quality that comes from one of Alaska’s ancient snowfall and has a structure of “living” water. It has a unique vary in natural chemistry. FGR Design Studio created a comprehensive brand package, which includes naming, logo, corporate identity, packaging design, booklets, labels and a lot of different elements of souvenirs, which enjoys great popularity.

FGR Design Studio has finished development of new brand identity for HIDDEN TALENT HR agency. The company is an innovative on HR services market and has an interesting algorithm of action. The corporate motto is "Not dream, but reality!" It is also the definition of surrealism, one of the trends in modern art. Our Chief designer was inspired by the interesting idea to draw a parallel between painting and main customers corporate ideological component. He decided that some of basic elements from Rene Magritte's "Son of man"(1964) could form the basis to the creation of HIDDEN TALENT new logo. As a result of this we got wonderful and memorable, bright and intelligent work which was immediately approved by our client.

Appointed Collection! This is how we named the new digital presentation which was designed by our studio. This review includes InterContinental Moscow Tverskaya Hotel photos and suites descriptions. The presentation also describes standard rooms and Deluxe rooms. The characteristics and options of these apartments are the best in Moscow hotel market. Copywriting was prepared in three languages: Russian, English and Chinese.

FGR Design Studio has started the promotional materials design development for InterContinental Moscow Tverskaya Hotel which based on Minsk hotel building and launched in 2012. Starting the project our studio has developed the Suites Brochure design, highlighted the rooms advantages. The future design development will include POS materials, personal Web sites, e-mailing, promotional videos and much more. FGR Design Studio will also develop the creative concept opening the hotels idea.

FGR Design Studio has finished development of the new international complaint service brand. We created the name of the company - GRIMLIME, slogan - Time To Spaeak Up and motto- The World`s Complaint Service. We also prepared all AD materials, as well as brand book development. Few words about the Grimlime brand. We succeeded to catch the mood and to create the bright memorable logo reflecting emotions of a person who faces a problem that can not be easily solved. The idea is thought completely over and the brand concept is elaborated. So, what is Grimlime? It is a product, combining the experience and best practice of all previously launched online complaint services, whereby no successful story, has been built yet. It is the working model of algorithm, which at last will create a necessary incentive for vendors of products or services, immediately to react to a complaint of any shopper. For the latest 15 years there has been growing a global tendency to ignore customer complaints and responses.

FGR Design Studio has finished development of a new brand for a legal advisors company Titiov, Romanov & Partners specializing in housing and family law.

February 1, 2015 our studio celebrates 13 years anniversary. Despite the superstition, the number 13 is lucky for us, because in January our customers base reached up to 1300 clients. The total design concepts has exceeded 13000. We thanks all our customers for an interesting experience and a good attitude. We are really proud of our joint success! As a token of gratitude and respect we presents  all our customers a bottle of champagne Bollinger Special Cuvee Brut, Bollinger Rose Brut  and Bollinger Grande Annee. Cheers!

We have completed the creation project for black and red caviar package, started in 2010. Today, our studio is the owner of the patent for the this type and all similar types of packaging for black and red caviar. Cans with the form of caviar will be produced in several types and from different materials. For red caviar, cans will be made of polycarbonate or acrylic, red and transparent colors, in 140 and 500 grams. For black caviar glass for 50 grams, and polycarbonate or acrylic for 100, 125, 250 and 500 grams.

This month, we presented an updated brand of Forte and Piano elite boutique. The first logo was designed by our studio in 2006 and won the European Logo Design Annual (EULDA 2006). The new logo is more modern and sleek. The "&" mark changed its appearance to more "musical". We changed the bulge logo on the plane and added gloss of piano-lacquer. There was a thick stroke keys and the dividing line on the lid of the piano. Font color was changed to warm light yellow and became larger, more elegant. The whole view of the logo is now completely different, but the brand is not lost awareness.

Our studio has completed the updated brand development for Engineering Systems and Technologies. The first trademark for this customer, has been developed by FGR Design Studio in 2005. Since this time, the company has greatly expanded. Today "Engineering Systems and Technologies" is one of the largest suppliers of HVAC equipment, ventilation and humidifying systems. An updated trademark, in 2014, got the dark background. The main element of the logo - air wave, got a different color. On the main logo this element is neutral and executed in dark tones. The colors, at the bottom of the logo, presented all four lines of business of the company. Each department has its own color and presented by separate logo. Cooling - blue. as a symbol of the cold. Heating - red, indicating the heat. Cleaning and humidification system - an eco-friendly green, and yellow, for ventilation. To update the style, we have developed guide lines for logo, corporate identity, uniform, promotional materials and corporate souvenirs. New, unique, modern and elegant brand will allow the company to strengthen positions and get new customers. New brand image allow the company take a leading role in this market`s segment, while its competitors are cutting branding and advertising budgets.

FGR Design Studio Russia just finished the exterior facade design of piano boutique. New facade for Forte and Piano salon, will be made of glass, and three P4 LED screens, which will broadcast full time the salon advertising, as well as the main suppliers: Austrian Boesendorfer and German Shimmel Pianos. The screens will be installed in the show-windows. The facade looks very bright and elegant. The constant light from advertising screens will attract the attention of drivers and passers-by, as the shop is located in the heart of one of the most extensive and mass avenues of Moscow.

FGR Design Studio Spain has made  rebranding of the international matchmaking agency El Mundo De Amor.
The company exists since 2006, for those 8 years more than 300 couples were found the soulmate. FGR Design Studio Spain created a set of advertizing materials, corporate identity and souvenir products, also our team made a new web design.

We just finished logo, corporate identity and brand book development for Divers Adventures Diving Club, new diving club of  Nha Trang LIFE company. Divers Adventures will open doors this autamn at Nha Trang City, Vietnam. The club will provide exclusive diving servicestrain new divers and diving instructors, and issue licenses. Brand of Nha Trang LIFE, was also designed by our studio this summer.

FGR Design Studio designed new logo and corporate identity for ALL FOR TRIPS company.

FGR Design Studio started a new web project with ARBA magazine (Kazakhstan).

FGR Design Studio designed Nha Trang Life logo and corporate identity. 

We finished rebranding of DAFIN (Dubai apartment financial investments) operating system. This work includes a lot of Corporate identity elements, AD Design, Web and UI/UX Design, print advertising materials.

FGR Design Studio developed a logo and corporate identity for Millennium Global Trading Company. This brand produces and sells different goods of petrochemical industry. 

FGR Design Studio team’s celebrating our 12th anniversary. For this time we designed more than 1400 projects!

The advertizing agency PLATAN KZ (Kazakhstan) ordered FGR Design Studio the purpose to change an existing logo and style of the company.

FGR Design Studio team congratulates all partners and clients with a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2014!

FGR Design Studio finished the 8th issue of ARBA magazine. In the main topics there’re interviews with Karina Abdullina, Sergei Shakurov, Yaroslav Melekhin and Igor Kopayev, FGR chief designer with article "The secrets of branding."

FGR Design Studio designed logo and corporate identity for TermoTechnoService company (Russia). It produces morden agro-industrial equipment.

FGR Design Studio made conceptual rebranding of ARBA magazine (Kazahstan).

FGR Design Studio designed the logo and full corporate identity for JOSLEY Hotel & Resort. The brand new boutique-style hotel located in the heart of French Alps. The opening will take place very soon.

FGR Design Studio will take part in new Index Book project Basic PROMO. 

Our work Afternoon has been selected for a remarkable new LogoLounge project - "Shapes and Symbols", the third book in the Master Library series. 

FGR Design Studio designed website for the exclusive distributor of the SPARK Optoelectronics S & T CO., LTD LED technology production in Europe, Middle East and CIS countries.

FGR Design Studio has designed a new platform for communication with the target audience - Shuttle Wireless Mobile Multi-media Screen (WMMS). This unique advertising technology, developed and patented by Taximedia Corporation. Shuttle WMMS operation is based on video and flash advertisements broadcast on the top side of a taxi roof with LED screens.

FGR Design Studio together with Matrixkey Corp. (UK) has developed design for a unique keyboard Matrixkey 3K (Duo, Trio and Alcantara series), which based on LED technology. 

FGR Design Studio has developed the unique design for cans of red caviar. Our company has used a different approach to packaging materials. Jars will be made of polycarbonate, which is used in the food industry and all the characteristics of the banks exceeds the tin. Furthermore, each package resembles the red eggs that are very clearly marked and will emphasize the good in shop windows.

FGR Design Studio is going to launch a new project Architecture-F. 

Fashion Graphics made own rebranding now we're FGR Design Studio.

From Agust 7 till 28 Fashion Graphics team is going on holodays, but our phones will be working as usual.

Fashion Graphics has designed promotional showcases  for ASENSO collection by SHWARTZKAYEV. Each rack has a closed space for advertising products, equipped with lock and a place for storage.

The first limited edition of Modus Vivendi rings of Vita collecion were released this month in Moscow. Refined design distinguishes the rings in white gold with perfect diamonds and causing laser engraving. 

Our work Alpha 7 has been selected for a remarkable new LogoLounge project, the first book in the new Master Library series. 

Today we celebrating our 7th Anniversary! 

We designed a new promo-site and landing pages for brand ASENSO SHWARTZKAYEV bases on corparate identity.

Fashion Graphics designed a winter version for Skara’s website. 

New candlesticks ASENSO designed by Fashion Graphics and produced by SHWARTZKAYEV company are avaliable in Moscow souvenir shops and internet. 

Fashion Graphics designed logo, motto, packages and labels for some new cultured milk products under trademark "Dary Beloy Rusi".

Fashion Graphics created very attractive and fresh design for new food trademark "BELOROSA".

nternational investment company INTEGROINVEST has ordered the design of a new trademark. Fashion Graphics identified market opportunites and create name DAFIN and corparate identity (logo, motto, corporate stationery, annual account, POS materials and etc.) in the way that able to establish the luxury brand image in consumers' minds.

Fashion Graphics has created a design of Mini Katana for Swarovski Crystal Vision.

Fashion Graphics created a new brand and corparate identity for exclusive furniture factory “Skara”.

Fashion Graphics team has designed series of wine bottles for the Russian wine-maker.

Fashion Graphics has finished website one of the most popular restaurant in Moscow - Aist. In the heart of historical Moscow, at the corner of Malaya Bronnaya and Bolshaya Bronnaya streets located a stand-alone 3-storeyed mansion which provides ample space for a cafe, restaurant and 2 summer terraces, which is open in due time. 

Positive is a new collection of goods for housekeeping at home and office. Finest and comfortable solution for any interior. 

Fashion Graphics will take part in EULDA (European Logo Design Annual) 2007. Last year two of our logos have been nominated as winners’2006. 

Fashion Graphics has signed a new contract with Blackwood Williams AD.

Fashion Graphics designed seria of postesr for a new Russian TV show "In Tango Rhythm" featuring Natalia Oreiro, a famous Uruguayan singer and actress. In the new show Natalia will play piano, specially presented for the show by our valued customer Forte & Piano.

Fashion Graphics participates in Red Dot Award: Communication Design competition. From 2000 onwards, the Red Dot Award: Communication Design replaced the well-known German Prize for Communications Design. The competition, in existence since 1993, ranks according to PAGE magazine among the ten most important international design competitions.

We present our logos to EULDA (European Logo Design Annual), a new high-profile graphic design competition aiming at presenting the finest logos designed in Europe.

Fashion Graphics designed a new business style for Ceramics House company. This morden brand sells luxury Italian ceramic tiles.

Our design of the grand piano Ramses II was selected as the most spectacular and exotic experimental design out of a total of more than 100 instruments presented at the Bosendorfer Piano Design Award 2006 Exhibition. The model will be displayed at the New Design Festival in Vienna in the Museum Quarter Vienna. Also, see publications in the Experimental Design.

Today is our Birthday. This year we celebrate our 3th Anniversary!